Back to Bratislava!

It’s been radio silence on this blog for a little while now, for which I apologise, but I was off on a trip round Europe which means a bunch of new content to write about- woo!

First stop was Bratislava, which I visited before around October of last year- read about it here!

I was excited to go back still- it’s a beautiful city with some b e a u t food and drink places. (Urban House and Bukowski’s have my heart.) Bukowski’s is a bar named after the writer, and has an impressive menu of shots named after other writers. Pictured below is the Fitzgerald which was a yummy concoction of gin, elderflower and mint. SO GOOD. The bar has a really cool vibe also.


We went to Urban House for food twice, and then again for cocktails- it’s just that great. A must when in Bratislava. I had avocado toast for breakfast and it was to die for. They have revolving batches of exciting filter coffees to drink too.


Bratislava isn’t exactly crawlingggg with touristy things to do. Of course there is the castle and the beaut scenery from it’s heights, as well as it’s unique garden-



But I’d done all these things before. This time we opted not to walk up to the war monument as it’s so deceptively far away on foot. Instead we headed to an art gallery (the name of which escapes me, but it’s super central)


The gallery’s famous for it’s circular structure which is as impressive as some of the art. It’s pretty cheap to get in and entry includes an espresso- always good.

We were in the city for two nights, and it was the beginning of a long week in this sort of central Europe, so we opted for a homely delight of Wagamama for dinner. Unadventurous, some may say sacrilegious as a tourist. I couldn’t care less. I’ve even enough goulash for a lifetime!


After dinner we headed to the rooftop bar in Bratislava which overlooks the old town. It was a little too chilly though, so we stayed inside and admired the view through the windows. The bar’s pretty cool- it has swings round the bar!


And, of course, you can’t visit the city without seeing the Blue Church! Luckily our apartment was about 30 seconds from this sight, so we saw it a tonneee.


I’m sure we did more, but this is already a long time ago and we did a lot since! SO, that’s all for now. Next stop was Brno, so stay tuned for that post coming very very soon!

Thanks for reading!


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