My Past Fashion Faux Pas’

We were all young and silly once, and wore a bunch of stuff that makes us cringe now..

SKINNY skinny jeans.

I used to wear jeans that were called ‘spray-on’ or ultra skinny; skin tight if you will. I was about 13 in the photo below so I can excuse it somewhat, but I still wore skinny jeans until very recently. I’ve swapped my wardrobe out now with tapered straight leg, which have a much more adult silhouette without looking old-man-ish and frumpy.




Specifically- THESE espadrilles.


We walked about 1h30 and not only did they tear my feet to shreds- literally tear, it was disgusting and awful, but they looked awful whilst doing so. They were about £8 at ASOS so I guess that’s why. This year I’ve bought a pair of TOMs which are just plain black and feel way more comfortable so an upgrade on both fronts.

This shirt..


Do I really need to comment… I bought it to go under a denim shirt which may work but on it’s own it’s way too much.


Wearing beanies like this…


Such an awful look. Like a 2001 boyband member trying to look casual. I now go for the more fashionable fit of…



These were just the fashion faux pas’ I’ve previously published on this blog. If I sit through some old photos there’ll be heaps more, so maybe stay tuned for that!

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