Blogging in full time employment

I love blogging but recently I’ve found it really hard. I work a standard 9-5, and whilst that doesnt necessarily leave me without spare time to write, it leaves me without spare time to do things to write about.

Recently my blog posts have largely been thinkpieces or stuff I’ve been buying, which is fine, but it’s not the sort of content I want to put out constantly.

So yeah, blogging and working is hard, and I’ve loads of respect for people who do it really well.

I have a 9 day trip starting next weekend and you best believe I’m going to milk it for all the posts I can, but when they dry up I just pray for some inspiration!

The office environment I’m in doesn’t promote creativity in or out of work. The office is grey, the buildings grey, the car park’s grey and I stare at numbers for most of my day. I need a change.

Thanks for reading, make sure you’re following to keep up with what’s going on!

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