Myself, In Numbers…

I love a good statistic. At the end of the year Spotify put out a Year In Music telling you how much you listened to and whatnot, and I thought it’d be fun to extend this to myself in general, so I’ve dug up a bunch of numbers that somehow relate to me…

23– My age- a nice, easy, boring start.

2291- The average amount of steps I do a day- shockingly low and classes me as sedentary. I NEED to do something about this- maybe I’ll take up running.

89– The amount of gigs I’ve been to- I’ve been to a fair few gigs and seen a flipping load of bands and I’ve got plenty more lined up.


8-  My average amount of sleep in hours according to the sleep tracker on my phone- who doesn’t love a bit of sleep?

92,645-  This is how many words I’ve written across all my blog posts so far- a lot! More than the first Harry Potter, more than the second, but not more than any of the others…

17- The number of foreign countries I’ve visited; all of them in Europe. I’ve also visited 4 islands owned by Spain and by May will be able to add another 3 countries to my list making it a nice round 20.


18- One of my guilty pleasures is buying shoes and trainers and this is how many pairs I have. I need to calm it down before they no longer fit in my wardrobe.

6– The number of different addresses I’ve lived in. Having lived in the same house nearly all my life, 4 of this 6 are made up of different student flats, halls and houses.

44445- I’ve had my email account for 12 years now and this is how many unread emails have piled up in my inbox. Clearly too many to sort through, it’s an endless cycle now.

That’s all I can think of for now- it’s harder than I thought it’d be!

Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following for more.


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