My ‘Art’ Collection

So it turns out it’s impossible to take photos of glass frames without getting your reflection in it, no matter the lighting so enjoy that.

My collection is absolutely worthless and whether it even passes as art is subjective but for a nice easy title that’s what I’m calling it.

That’s a poster, I hear you cry. Wrong, it’s a screen print limited to 1000 copies so nerh. Anyway, I went to the show on the print and it was a hoot and I love sigrid so I got the print (pretty cheap too). I dont loveeee it, it’d be the first to go, but for now I’m happy with it on my wall.

Opposite the Sigrid print is this one from the film Submarine, one of my all time faveeeees. I bought this off etsy and it is an original concept from an artist on there, though again is a screen print. I love it though, even if a little feminine, it’s a cracking print.

This may look like a toy, but it isn’t! This is a ‘plush’ art piece designed by KAWS in collaboration with Uniqlo. I adore his art and adore the collabs- I own a bunch of the sesame street and snoopy shirts they’ve done together. I guess out of what I own this will gain the most in value as it sold out pretty quickly and some KAWS stuff is worth hundreds.

This is the biggest piece in my room, a2 size I believe, and is again from a show. MGMT were fab at the hammersmith apollo which inspired me to pick up the print on the way out and it’s a really nice design. The only problem is it’s quite dark and I’ve got it against my window which washes it out when its bright.

That’s it! I don’t own enough wall space for more so until I move it’s one in one out! Thanks for reading! Make sure you’re following for more!

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