What I Ate In Seville!

I’ve been in the sunny Andalusian city of Seville over the past weekend, and you best believe I ate my bodyweight in good food. When I remembered, I took photos, so before I write posts on what I got up to, I’m going to run through my food. Some of it was amazingggg.


The photo above was my first dinner in the city. We figured there was plenty of time for tapas later on in the trip, so instead we headed to Hops and Dreams. They’re a craft beer bar which also has a small-ish menu of delicious food. The above plate was paprika octopus with potatos and oh my, it was good. I’ve never had octopus so tender and flavourful. Alongside it I also had three beers, two brewed in Seville itself. All yummy.


This bar was so good we went back for dinner again on the final night. This time I opted for squid and couscous which wasn’t quite as good as the octopus but was definitely more filling and still good. I also god a tapa of the curry croquettes because I love a good croquette and these had been raved about on tripadvisor. They took me back to my days in the Netherlands where they love a croquette, and they were even served on a dollop of what tasted like joppie sauce.


The friend I visited with is currently living in Madrid, and he raved about this chain restaurant that does cheap Spanish food, so we headed there for lunch one day. I had whatever you’d call the above- basically massive hunks of pork on bread with green peppers. It was nice but a little much on the pork side, I felt like I’d almost eaten a whole pig.

We also had tapas about ten minutes from the plaza espana, which was g o o o o d, but due to how the food all comes out staggered I didn’t remember to take photos. I had a couple of seafood dishes and then a bigger plate of pork with garlic and potatos which was really good and cracking value.

Twice I stopped at la paella, for a 3 euro paella on the go which was gooood, and in the mornings I always went to Utopia coffee which is a tiny little place without seats. For 1.80 you can get a bloody lovely americano with double shot of espresso in it.


We did a LOT of bar hopping- beer is about a euro, so it was nice to keep sampling different locations. However, after a while, we stopped at a bar called Gigante, which was so cool. The inner décor was very modern with leather seats and lots of industrial metal vibes, graffiti on the walls, and it also had a huge outdoor seating area. The Espresso martini there was the best I’ve ever tasted; it was soooooo good! I had two- changed to a pornstar martini and had to get another espresso one after to get the delish taste back.

Seville is a fantastic city, one that I’ll be writing lots more about- but this post was just a first taster (pardon the pun) into my trip!

Thanks for reading! Make sure you’re following me for more!

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