Vintage Shopping in a Cathedral

This summer weather in February is like a massive burger; it’s so good but you know it’s so wrong. But climate change aside, the weekend just gone I enjoyed the weather by.. well, by going inside. In my local city (small lil city) named Chelmsford, there was a vintage sale in the Cathedral, selling by the kilo- £15 for a kilo of clothes is a bargain and I was e x c iiii t e d. (Vintage clothing or ‘Preloved’ as they call it is sustainable, so doing my bit to shoo the sun away.)

It was £1.50 entry, so I guess already your first kilo is more expensive, but it was a real hoot.


We arrived v early, around 9.45am and had to queue. Busy busy buys. There were around 500 people in the cathedral at a time and my God, it was chaos in there.


These pictures I ‘borrowed’ from their facebook do not do the event justice for sheer mania. People on top of people on top of clothes rails. I guess, in a way, this meant we got value for our £1.50, as we were in there for ages just waiting to browse.

Anyway, it was a success- I came away with two shirts, a heavy flannel over shirt and a corduroy piece that is v v cool. Happy days, and less than a tenner an item. My friend Jack picked up a waistcoat (so Jack), and a tie, and it cost him 6 quid. Bargain.

The weather was SO good we weren’t about to waste it. We headed to The Works for breakfast, where I’ve been before but for a more lunchy affair. I had pancakes with bacon and life was good.

There’s this coffee stall that pops up on weekends that we are obsessed with; they have about 40 different varieties of coffee beans that they grind fresh for you and you can drink there and then. And a cup is only 2 pound. Cheaper than a chain! We sat outside and enjoyed the glorious sunshine with a coffee. Bliss. Jack opted for a Costa Rican blend, I had Colombian and Emily had something else that I cannot recall.


Coffee is great and all, but the weather was beaut. Like beer beaut. So we went to a place called The Courtyard, which *Shock Horror*, has a big courtyard where you can sit and enjoy the sun.


So we wiled away a couples of hours with a beverage, before heading home after something mad like 8 hours out. Truly making the most of summer in February.

That was my weekend anyway, thanks for reading and make sure you’re following for more- here and on Instagram!

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