The Blog Posts That Never Made It

In a desperate need for inspiration I trawled through my drafted posts, hoping something would spark a movement in my fingers and a post on a page. However, there’s a reason these blogs stayed firmly as drafts- they weren’t good enough.. But today I’ll run through some of the ones that never made it to here.

The Comfort Zone- This was going to be my hot take on how the comfort zone is actually a lovely place, and how we can achieve our best work in it. You’re always told to leave the comfort zone to succeed but I’m not so sure. However, as someone without any quantitative success perhaps I can’t talk, and hence the blog never materialised.

I graduated!- I can’t believe I never actually posted this one.. I think I left it too late and missed the boat, but like it says on the tin- I graduated! On the 11th September last year I graduated at St Alban’s Cathedral (beaut) and I miss uni lots now.

Fireworks night in St Albans- I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it. This was over a year ago now, and although it was a fun night, I find it hard to think back on some particular university experiences without a tinge of sadness because it’s all over. Mulled wine, fireworks, and a Chinese takeaway to end it all- god, I need to move back out. 

October Favourites- This post was reallllllly trash. Again, over a year ago, I’d bought a wall tapestry and thought it looked flipping cool so wanted to share it on my blog. The problem was, I couldn’t just write about one thing hanging above my bed, so I tried to make a favourites out of it. I was a broke student and the rest of the things I’d purchased were ridiculously trivial and uninteresting.

I have a bunch more that haven’t made it- let me know if you’d like to read more. I guess it’s like multiple posts within a post. Thanks for reading, and make sure you’re following me on here and on Instagram for more!

(The logo as the featured image on this post also never made it)


7 thoughts on “The Blog Posts That Never Made It

  1. You have inspired me. For example one of my unwritten posts had involved somebody taking over my parking spot in my building. I do actually own it by the way and it is also home to some of our possessions. Fortunately he moved his car.


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