My Must See Musicians 2019

I’ve always had a list of bands and artists I simply must see live, and I can never tick off the entire list because I’m constantly adding more. This year I’ve a lot of musts…

Better Oblivion Community Centre– I have tickets to see these, so it’s a guaranteed tick. The brainchild of Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers, BOCC are a folk-rock band with the dreamiest songs. I reckon it’ll be a super intense and beaut evening.

Joji– it took me a while to get into Joji, but persistence was key and now I adore. He’s an R&B singer of Japanese descent (I believe) and his songs are pretty lo-fi. He’s playing the Friday of reading festival which I am going to, so hopefully *traffic dependent* I’ll catch him there!

Billie Eilish– Maybe I’m too old to listen to Billie but oh well! I pre ordered her vinyl already and I can’t wait. She’s extremely original, at least in her most recent output, sounding a little early lana del rey prior to that. She’s sold out three nights at Shepherd’s Bush I didn’t get tickets for, but she is also at reading.. however, she’ll clash with one of the headliners, so it’ll be a toughie as there’ll surely be other chances to catch her.

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