Brunch: Eating Out vs. Eating In

I l o v e brunch. Avocados, eggs, salmon, sourdough, benedict, toast, halloumi- the brunch wordy goodness goes on and on. BUT brunch is expensive!! So the weekend just gone I made myself a *hopefully* tasty brunch and compared Saturday’s in to Sunday’s out.


The whole point of brunch in was for me to not leave the house at all, so I only used what I had to hand already. So, as you can see in the picture above, the toast wasn’t very special- your standard straight out a packet brown bread. This was the major downfall. I topped it with half an avocado and a heap of halloumi which I probably overcooked. I finished it with a drizzle of sriracha. My presentation isn’t fab, I’m well aware, but it was delish! I enjoyed every morsel and it cost me close to nothing.  (One avocado and some halloumi is no more than £3).


I’ve got a dulce gusto machine for coffee so that’s always good, but recently I’ve subscribed to Pact coffee. Every 60 days they’ll send me a new blend I’ve not tried before, super fresh and *fingers crossed* delicious and you brew it in this v60 they sent for free with the first order. Every 60 days is enough for 2 a week, so I’m having mine on the weekends. I’ve only had the one blend from them so far, so I can’t judge too much but so far so good.


On Sunday I headed into Chelmsford to ACanteen which is a v nice independent café-cum-restaurant. They do breakfast through to dinner with a little cake and coffee bit at the front. I went for the protein breakfast, which comes in at £11.95 so a lot more than the brunch in! Scrambled eggs, spinach, smoked salmon (all the S’s), halloumi and avocado- it has it all. (except bread?). I thought the lack of bread was a little odd; I didn’t know what to do with my avocado especially. With a coffee as well I guess it was more like £15, but it was good coffee so that’s fine by me. The cliché that you can make brunch foods at home for a fraction of the cost is true but doesn’t quite sit right with me.

I think brunch out is definitely worth the extra £££. It’s not just a meal you wolf down at the kitchen table; it’s a social event. We ate leisurely, enjoyed the ambience and the pleasure of having someone cook for us. It’s not something I do every single weekend, so when I do do it I’m willing to pay that extra bit more for something nice!

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