A Little Book Haul..

Are book hauls a thing? Like talking about a book you’ve not yet read? Well I’m going to give it a try- 3 out of this haul are new so worth casting light on them regardless! So I bought these in one trip to Waterstones and Oxfam (make sure you check out Oxfam book shops, they’re dreamy!)

The Zoo- Christopher Wilson

This is the book I picked up in Oxfam- £2 and the quality is as new! I’ve never read this author before but a quick read of the blurb tells me the story is set in Russia. Just before Christmas I read Julian Barnes’ Noise Of Time which piqued my interest in Russia, so I’m hoping this will enthrall me the same!

The Adulterants- Joe Dunthorne

I, along with a very large collective, L O V E submarine, Dunthorne’s first novel. His second passed me by and I’m yet to read it, but the blurb of this novel excited me a lot more, and I cant wait to read something else by the man who gave me so much joy.

For The Good Times- David Keenan

I wont lie, I picked this up because its beautiful. A super cool cover and a reallllly high quality print elevated it beyond everything else in Waterstones. BUT! I believe it’s about conflict in Ireland, IRA and the ilk, and after recently finishing Anna Burns’ Milkman, Ireland is another location I’m excited to read more on.

Patient X- David Peace

I’ve read a few reviews on this novel, and David Peace in general and apparently he’s a real mission to read but one hell of a rewarding mission. Every now and then I like a really challenging book to remind me I have a degree in literature, so hopefully this book can stroke my educational ego. It’s about a Japanese writer, which is apt as I’m currently half way through Norwegian Wood!

Thanks for reading- and let me know what novels you’re currently reading! Make sure you’re following for more and check out my social media!

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