Is my Zodiac Zodi-facts?

I’m a Capricorn, and that’s as much as I can currently tell you about star signs and the like. So, for todays post, I’m going to read up on Capricorns and see how much it relates to me… Is it zodifact or zodicrap?

When I first google Capricorn traits a website called 123 new year comes up, so I’ll use that for my info! SO…

“A salient word to describe a Capricorn is ambition. These people are superbly ambitious and can move mountains to achieve so.”

First things first, I feel like this is playing up to my ego. I’d love to think I’m super ambitious, stopping at nothing for success, but I’m currently working a 9-5 that doesn’t pay particularly well and is nowhere near my ‘dream’. Saying this, I do write this blog most days and I’m constantly writing fiction which is my dream, so maybe I can half agree?

“They are willing to take a risk in order to fulfill their achievements, but they are not what is known as reckless.

Again, my current job is a comfortable twenty minute drive from home and by no means pushing myself. I am feeling a little inspired to push myself now though…

“Their actions and reactions too of the entire situation would always be rehearsed and calculated. They are not spontaneous.”

I’m definitely not the most spontaneous, but at the same time I don’t struggle with spontaneity. When I travel I trawl through TripAdvisor and make sure I know exactly what I want to be doing and I plan outfits before I go. BUT- if things don’t go to plan I’m totally comfortable with playing it by ear. ALSO- I’m really bad at rehearsing for interviews, so not entirely true.

“The Capricorn are extremely suspicious of people who tries to become a leader and would rather much have their position in the elevated station of society. These people appear to be calm and collected but deep inside they are a veritable volcano about to erupt.”

Now this is a weird one, because maybe when I was younger I did like to lead, and even still I take charge when it comes to booking holidays and festivals etc, but I feel this is because the people around me just don’t step up to that. I’m definitely comfortable not leading! As for calm and collected on the outside but a volcano inside- definitely me!!

“These people are completely focused in life and are go getters. They will create ways and means if there are none. However most of them suffer from a self love and thinks no end to them.”

I mean, you’ve gotta love yourself right?

“Beneath their towering and go getter personality, these people are also tender and caring. They have a sense of responsibility, where they feel that they are responsible for everything. They put up a hard exterior as no one else would be able to hurt their cold.”

Again, I’d like to think I’m tender and caring and responsible, but who wouldn’t? I’m still not fully onboard with this zodiac thing- Definitely plays to your ego with broad sweeping statements that everyone can apply to themselves in some sort of way!

So definitely more on the Zodicrap side, I’m afraid.  I know a lot of people believe in this kind of thing, and I’m not trying to offend! I’m still open minded- so convince me otherwise!

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