My Bedroom Revamp!

I still live at home with my parents- *sigh*, so investing too much time into my bedroom seems fruitless when moving out is hopefully on the horizon. Nonetheless, I’ve recently bitten the bullet and put some cash into my room to make it a little more me.

My room is predominantly grey, so I bought this lamp for a splash of colour. It was only £25 from homesense which is such a great deal; I’d nearly committed closer to £60 for a similar one from IKEA earlier in the day, so a right result finding this.

I l o v e music, so just after Christmas I upgraded my turntable and speaker combo. They’re still not expensive pieces of kit by audiophile standards, but for entry level budget pieces they’re pretty damn good- especially the edefier speakers, which for £89 pounds sound way more expensive, and have a built in preamp.

I’ve decorated the top of the shelf with a grey scented candle, two real plants and one fake hanging one for some green jungle vibes. There’s a framed pic of me and some pals too- I use freeprints and get all my photos printed.

This has become my little reading corner. The cushions, left to right, are from flying tiger and urban outfitters, costing maybe £8 (?) and £35, so flying tiger is definitely the place to go for budget cushions that look cool!

One of the prints is from a Sigrid gig I went to at Brixton, and the other is from my fav film Submarine, which I found on etsy. The yellow of it now kind of goes with my lamp which is niceee.

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