My Biggest Adventure Yet

Today was payday, meaning I had an itch to spend and what better way than on travel? Okay, so maybe not my biggest adventure yet considering I moved to the Netherlands for an entire year (the mems- *cries*) but this one is a good’n nonetheless.

So in April, pretty soon, I’m flying to Bratislava. –But Jarrad, haven’t you been to Bratislava before?, I hear you cry!

Yeah, I have.


This time I’m living my youthful dream of interrailing on a micro scale..(and probably buses rather than trains). So, the plan is:

London to Bratislava

Bratislava to Brno

Brno to Budapest

Budapest to Vienna

Vienna to London

That’s 4 cities over 9 days, spending two in each and three in Budapest cos we’ve heard it’s the Budabest.

I’m super excited for the trip, and even to go back to Bratislava- Bukowskis shot bar I am coming for you.

Thanks for reading and if you have any recommendations for any of these cities please let me know!!!

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