Luxembourg On Foot

Day one in Luxembourg was a hoot with many memorable experiences, but the city is pretty small so day two required a little more imagination.. On the whole, I avoid public transport in foreign cities as much as possible- I’d rather walk 40 minutes than get a 10 minute metro because you see sooo much more and sometimes adventures pops up out of nowhere. (Of course, some cities require public transport- Rome, Stockholm, Milan I’m looking at you.)  Regardless, Luxembourg we decided to navigate entirely on foot. Day one was a roaring success, but for day two we planned on visiting the Mudam Gallery, and potentially the American War Cemetery- both about an hour away..

The Mudam was actually a lovely walk. We passed a giant city hall type building, crossed a big ugly bridge (which had great views from), and also stumbled upon the infamous free glass elevator. 20190120_114345.jpg20190120_114342.jpg

This elevator connects the heights of the city with the Grund below it, with spectacular views and stomach in mouth feelings as you look down. For free it’s a treat!

Anyway, we got to the gallery, and due to the changing of exhibitions the entrance was free, which is always good. The collection is eclectic and unique, and the building it’s housed in is, in itself, a delight.


The fountain above spurted black water, an ode to our oil hungry world, I’m sure.

Then we headed for coffee at the café, which is beaut, with real trees inside the greenhouse-type area. Super modern feeling, v cool and great espresso!


The bathroom also had very cool mirrors, that photos don’t do justice…


After this we strolled round the museum grounds, and saw all the old history of the site the building was located on.


Luxembourg is simply never ever short on amazing views. It’s such a stunning city, exploring it on foot is always a treat. Even in the freezing cold- which it was- just look at these icicles.


We spent the rest of the day drinking coffees in different cafes, keeping warm. We attempted to walk to the American Cemetery but it was SO far on foot. After 30 minutes of walking we’d had enough and turned round, knowing we had at least another 1h30 minutes in front of us else, plus a flight home to catch! So Luxembourg on foot is a treat- just don’t attempt the cemetery!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following me here and on Instagram for more goodness!

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