Travel Priorities…

Unless we travel alone, chances are there’s going to be some sort of conflict of interest at some point. People have different priorities… I’m going to go through a few of mine and then do let me know yours in the comments! In no particular order, other than what springs into my mind first…

Beer! Every single country I go to I haveee to try the local beer- plus points if it’s from the city itself. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to keep this up for every trip I’ve been on..

Sightseeing! When I go somewhere I want to tick off every single sight without missing anything. My travels so far have all been in Europe so really this necessity to see it all is a bit silly as going back is so easy, but I enjoy it.

Coffee! Certain countries are SO good for coffee culture. This is a priority for sure in those, but not so much in the warmer, less cosy countries.

Food! I think trying the food in a new country is the most accessible way to embrace the culture, considering trips are usually fleeting so a meal is the quickest, most efficient way to taste (pardon the pun) what it’s like to live somewhere.

Photos! I love to take plenty of photos of the scenery, both for my blog and for my collection of printed photos I’ve started. I now have loads of trips in different folders. And then, of course, I need the money shot for my Instagram (@jvrrvdsvul)

Thanks for reading! Make sure you’re following for more- there’s a Luxembourg post coming soon!

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