24 Hours in Luxembourg

For all their faults, Ryanair know how to discount a flight. So after picking up return flights to Luxembourg for a tenner, on Friday that’s where I headed! From my little bit of research it seemed like there wasn’t a heap to do there.. but it was a very nice place!


On Saturday we got up nice and early and headed to the Grund area, which is basically along the river and the bottom of the city. The views are beaut, and we were blessed with blue skies. Don’t be deceived- it was freezing. Anyway, as much as it was nice to look up, the best views would obviously be from looking down- so we headed to casemates du bock.


Casemates are technically caves, but they don’t open until February, so we could just walk around the perimeter of the city. There are big walls that stretch around it, and you get great views from literally everywhere. Lots of opportunities to get a great photo.

What goes up must come down, and eventually we were on ground level again, just much further away from the centre.

LRM_EXPORT_1078026974605841_20190123_103130445.jpegLRM_EXPORT_1078062600569892_20190123_103206071.jpegThe city (especially the old town parts) feel very medieval, and there’s lots of remains of forts and castle around. This, however, isn’t a history blog so google that if you fancy! On the topic of what going up must be coming down, in Luxembourg the sad fact is you then must go back up! SO MUCH WALKING. SO MANY HILLS. Definitely not a wheelchair friendly city, or friendly for anyone who struggles with hills. However, we passed a few fun little photo spots en route, and the mix of nature and city is really special.

LRM_EXPORT_1078042951022983_20190123_103146422.jpegLRM_EXPORT_1078038925617294_20190123_103142396.jpegThis all took a long ol’ time, meaning we were ravenous. Luxembourg is notoriously NOT cheap, so after a browse on trip advisor we headed to the number one cheap eat spot – a la soupe. They do what they say on the tin- sell soup. There are about 5 choices, all coming with bread, and a few sandwich choices too. On such a cold day the lovely warm soup went down a t r e a t. I had an Indonesian one which came with a spicy warning but wasn’t so at all. Still not super cheap- a soup and coke was a little over 8 euros.


The warm soup inspired us to stay warm further- so we headed to the National History museum. It was free for under 26s which is always nice, and, although some exhibitions were a little dull, the building itself is dug 5 floors into the ground and the walls are amazing. Sounds bizarre but it’s v cool!


On our way to the museum we stumbled upon a free exhibition from the New York Times, showcasing the most controversial photos from their publication. I didn’t take any photos here because it was really heavy- dead bodies and the like. Hardhitting but profound and thought provoking.

We then headed back to the hotel for a freshen up, before heading out for dinner and drinks, which is where our night ended… HOWEVER… Our restaurant experience was so memorable I feel it warrants it’s own blog post- I can easily write 300+ words on it.. So look out for that extremely soon!!

Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following for more!

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