The Environment and Me

So I’m half way through a vegetarian January. I decided Veganism was far too hard and after reading that avocados, almonds and a bunch more foods are now technically not even vegan I doubley couldn’t deal. But I’m no ignoramus and I know meat isn’t good for the planet so this Jan I’m doing a little something something.

But. I’m also not a saint… I like meat, we have a short life and I’m short sighted (and honest) enough to know that I’ll go back to meat as soon as February hits. Sue me.

I’m also a real sucker for fast fashion I probably spend, at a conservative estimate, around a thousand pound a year on clothes. Then I maybe take 3 to 4 return flights a year, albeit short haul. These all add up

SO! To alleviate some of my environmental guilt, and so I can continue living with my head in the sand, I’ve signed up to carbon offsetting. Basically I put in how much I’m spending on clothes, how much energy I’m using, how many miles I’m travelling etc etc and it calculates how many tonnes of carbon I need to offset to live carbon neutral. £1000 pounds of clothes equals about a £60 donation to a tree planting charity, and their are carbon offsetting verified options so you know your cash is going to the right places.

So that’s my bit.. I know it doesn’t excuse all the other sins- animal cruelty, cotton production, child labour etc etc but it’s a start, I guess?

I’d love a healthy conversation in the comments so feel free to chime in! Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following for more!

6 thoughts on “The Environment and Me

  1. It’s awesome to see these things – a little is sometimes a lot! 🙂 Living with housemates who invest energy into organic local produce is much more encouraging than doing it alone, so great effort ❤

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