Being *with* who you’re with

For far too long I was guilty of being around people physically, but due to the convenience of mobile phones, not being entirely there mentally. Having a text convo whilst with a friend seems harmless enough, but I think it says a lot about how you value your time and friendships and so it’s something I’ve tried really hard to work on.

I was pretty awful at it when I was younger and wanting to stop has definitely come with maturity. I want to portray myself with grace and respect and partially ignoring someone every few minutes doesn’t do this.

By saying to someone ‘sorry can you repeat that, I was texting’, essentially you’re saying- ‘I’m not as interested in your conversation as the person I’m texting’ and in which case you may as well both have stayed at home.

And in such an online world, physical interaction is a skill and joy that is missing or at least hampered so frequently. So much will be missed out on by ignoring your surroundings for a phone, and I’m done missing out.

I’m sure there’s an argument for the opposite, and like I said, I’ve been no saint, but it’s definitely something I’ve worked on and hold the value in high regard now.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and please do follow me.

8 thoughts on “Being *with* who you’re with

  1. I agree. When you are constantly checking your phone or texting someone while with others, it sends a message thst what you are doing and who you are with are not as important.

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