My 2019 New Year Resolutions

Much like half the world, I’m starting 2019 off with the best of intentions, after a Christmas period of gluttony and indulgence. So here’s a few of my resolutions- I’m soOoOo sure I’ll stick to them.. (sarcasm). I’ll do my best though.

Cut down on sugar. I’ve got a sweet tooth; I can’t deny it. Throughout uni I’d eat share size bags of Haribo in place of meals and live off energy drinks. I’ve got better, and no longer drink the sugary stuff, but 2019 is the year I cut out sweets too. For both my health’s sake, and my teeth’s.

Finish writing my book. I’m 15,000 words into a novel, which isn’t super far, but it’s far too substantial a chunk to give up on. Plus, I love writing and I’ve grown attached to my fictional characters. So I’m definitely going to commit a bunch of time to that.

Take up a sport. I work for a tiny company, in a pretty small office. So not only is my job pretty sedentary, I don’t meet many people. I feel like a sport is a great opportunity to right both these wrongs.

Travel more. I’m aiming for a trip every other month, which isn’t much considering many travel blogs, but I’m working full time with limited leave. I’ve got one every other month until July currently, so so far so good.

Read EVEN more. I’ve set myself a goal on goodreads of 24 books this year, but I’m pretty sure I can smash that by mid-year or so. I’d like to hit closer to 40. Which leads me on nicely to the topic of goodreads + that you should ADD ME AS A FRIEND. I want to see what everyone’s reading and get recommendations etc, and I currently only have two friends on there. One is my mum. Please add me. (Jarrad Saul)


Thanks for reading- let me know your resolutions below and make sure you’re following for more!


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