Christmas in Copenhagen!

IT’S CHRIIIIIISTMAS. And I recently went to Copenhagen to indulge in festive goodness, so now I’ll write all about it. Little warning- this post will be very photo heavy because everything looked so damn cute. Rather than going through my day chronologically I’m going to just go through everythingggg festive the city offered.


No Christmas is complete without mulled wine, so we OBVS went for a couple. They weren’t cheap, but they were certainlyyy delicious. You could choose from the standard European Gluhwein type, or a Danish type which is what we were drinking. YUM. The waffle was also v delish, and I remember being particularly hungry at the time. Then we get to the Christmas beer. Combining two of my favourite things, this was a winner- however, I’m not usually a fan of darker beers and I was worried I’d wasted 7 odd pounds when I saw it pouring from the tap… but nah, was delicious.


I’m really not exaggerating when I say the whole city is covered in Christmas. There are markets literally EVERYWHERE. At least five, I reckon. It’s not a huge city, so you walk for a few minutes and stumble upon another. And then everywhere in between is decorated to the nines. Blissful.


However, nothing tops Tivoli Gardens. It’s a year round attraction, a small amusement park with some rides- but at Christmas it goes to t o w n. I’ve never seen so many lights- it puts London’s Winter Wonderland to shame. Literally incredible. I’ll put more photos at the end..


To warm up after all this we went to the Hungry Dane, which has won the award of best burger in Denmark. They cook their meat for something mad like 14 hours, and it’s not in patties but more like pulled meat. SO delish, I can totally see why it won the accolade. (Not Christmassy, but a MUST in Copenhagen.)


Christmas is cold in Copenhagen, so we stopped inside the Kunstmuseum for some art. There’s loads of classical stuff, and then also contemporary which was a little more up my street. It’s massive and well priced and super enjoyable. There’s even a room set up just like a hospital ward, with a please be quiet sign on the squeakiest door ever, that you have to enter. It’s incredibly awkward and immersive and brilliant.

So that’s pretty much it! I hope you have a great Christmas- thanks for reading and make sure you’re following!



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