My 2018 in Review!

I’ve seen a load of people on twitter saying how fast the years flown by but I couldn’t disagree more. 2018 has been l            o                n                g. But I think that’s because a lot’s happened. It’s been a biggie.

I finished education. (and graduated)

That’s a biggie. 18 years of my life have been spent in schools, college and uni and this year that all came to an end. I definitely miss it already, but I think what I miss the most is living out of the family home, which I’m sure will be a possibility again soon anyway.

I got my first full time job…and my second.

I was pretty fortunate to get a six week contract soon after leaving university, as a procurement assistant for a science research centre. They put me on training courses and gave me diverse work so it was a real boost to my CV. The people there were lovely and it was a very pleasant first foray into work.

I was then even more fortunate to get a job for the first company that offered me an interview. I applied for the role of sales and marketing assistant and was offered the job under the title of business development assistant. It’s a small company so I’ve been involved in loads, from writing web content and catalogues to aiding in office relocation!

I travelled a bit.

I went on a fair few trips around Europe which I wrote about the other day.I’m so glad I’ve been able to keep up travelling Europe since finishing my year abroad because I bloody love it and I’m slowly ticking off the continent. I also visited friends in Bristol from my year abroad which was lovely, and explored a bit more of Hertfordshire as my uni days were coming to an end.

I got back into live music. 

I’d had a bit of a lull in live music, not attending as many concerts as I used to, but especially in the second half of the year I’ve really upped my game. In December I’ve been to four alone! I loveeee live music- that and travel are my fav hobbies, so it’s been fab.

My highs include seeing Arcade Fire in May, a special night out in Bratislava, my university results night in Milan, BBK Live festival in Bilbao and my graduation!

My lows include finishing uni and not a great deal else! Hope this doesn’t bode badly for next year!

Fingers crossed for another good year in 2019. I’m sure I’ll post again before the new year, so make sure you’re following me for more stuff!


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