My 2019 Travel Plans

Full time employment means saying bye to month long breaks and hello to 28 days leave a year, including bank holidays. I fully intend to make the most of every single hour. I’ve currently got a few trips booked- so I’ll take you through them now!

  1. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Ryanair recently did a flash sale in which I got return flights to Luxembourg for a fiver each way. Ten pounds is ridic, so the destination was just a bonus at this point. Now I’ve done some research I’m extremely excited- it looks quaint and unique, and it’s not a massive tourist destination which just makes it cooler. I’ve heard it’s very pricey and full of Michelin starred restaurants, so I’ll definitely have to do some browsing to not pay a fortune, as cheap and cheerful (but still delicious) will be more my style on this trip.


2. Seville, Spain

My pal is currently teaching in Madrid for the year, and I contemplated visiting him there, but for about a year now I’ve really fancied Seville. I’ve watched so many videos on YouTube and read so many blogs on the place, and it looks stunning. I’m also keen for all the Tapas and Sangria too, and hopefully a spot of sun! You can get rowing boats on the little lake around the plaza which is super exciting, and maybe I’ll tour the bull fighting ring.


3. Pula, Croatia

Pula looks awesome. The area of Croatia is known as Little Tuscany because of its Italian influence, and it literally has a Coliseum like Rome’s, made under the same emperor! There’s loads of history there, and then on the flip side, beaches where I’m SO up for a kayak tour through the caves. My friends seem to be keen too! I’m flying from Southend for this one which is beyond convenient.


4. Lisbon, Portugal

Then, in July, I’m heading back to Lisbon for the Nos Alive festival, which I’ve been to once before. SO EXCITING. Currently The Cure are headlining, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend and Jorja Smith are there among others, so I can’t wait. I’ve done much of the touristy things in Lisbon but there are some I’ve missed- the pink road, and the timeout food market to start. I loveeeee the city so super excited.


All these trips are only using 9 and a half days leave, so there’s plenty more for plenty more trips! Stay tuned to my blog to hear ALL about them!

(These photos are all copyright free, free for any use from Pixabay. I don’t know who to credit but they don’t technically need crediting!)


4 thoughts on “My 2019 Travel Plans

  1. All of those look awesome! We did Croatia last year and it surpassed our expectations. So far this year we have planned a family trip to Jamaica, and one to Maui, where we honeymooned, to ring in our 25th anniversary. Belize is also being tossed around by friends, and I am sure Vegas will happen somewhere. It always does. Oh: and a girl’s trip to Lake Tahoe!

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