My 2018 In Travel

2018 is nearly over and, as far as my life has gone, it’s been a pretty major year. I’ll write a year in review post soon, but let’s keep it lowkey and light first. I ticked a few countries off my list this year, so I’m going to recap and rate them!

  1. Milan, Italy

This was a little post-uni trip I went on with one of my housemates. After months of dissertation work and exam revision I’d honestly have been happy with a holiday to Hull, so Milan was GLORIOUS. We lounged with Aperol Spritz’, sipped coffees and soaked up a bunch of art. (I’ve just realised I never wrote a blog on my third day in Milan- if my memories good enough this may come soon..)


2. Bilbao, Spain

I didn’t write a single blog post about Bilbao! I have been slacking this year! Next year I’ll be on it. SO! Me and my friend Dan spent a week in Bilbao, for the BBK live festival headlined by Gorillaz, Florence and the Machine, and The XX. It was our second time in the city and to the festival, and it was even better than the first time. The music was second to none, and as more well-travelled individuals this time round, we explored the city much further and actually got a feel for it. And it’s LOVELY. Not the sort of Spain that comes to mind, feeling more like France/Belgium but with Spanish influence. Again, lots of art (the Guggenheims here), and lots of drinking.


3. Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava was booked on a whim, without much research and very much price orientated. It was way nicer than I expected, but also a little sleazier with h e a p s of strip clubs. We did all the usual sight seeing on foot during the day, but the highlights of the trip were the nights out. They were super unique- going to a university club way out of the city with a bunch of guys we’d just met in another club and seeing a famous Slovakian rapper perform. Beaut city and beaut trip.


4. Fuerteventura, Spain?

Not entirely sure whether I should call it Spain, or be more specific with where I went in Fuerteventura? Anyway, I went with my parents for a weeks all-inclusive holiday in a remote part of the island, with a private beach. It was a really nice week full of relaxing, drinking lotssss of beer and cocktails and eating my bodyweight in food. I wasn’t expecting the island to be so attractive, but it has a barren beauty- and reminded me of a star wars set.


5. Malmo, Sweden

Malmo was pretty recent. I love Sweden with every fibre of my body, which is quite something for someone who has only been twice. But every time I’ve felt so at home and comfortable and content there. One day I’ll move there- trust meee. We didn’t spend ages in Malmo but it was a fab trip- and the meatballs were banging.


6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the must-visit city of 2018, and best place in the world to live.. It didn’t disappoint. Again, for more details read my post on it, but I can’t not mention, again, the v v tasty coffee, pastries and my first foray into Michelin starred food. Such a clean and lovely city, with the safe, chilled feel of Sweden again. Scandinavia is beaut, I guess!


(much needed haircut has been had since then)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my 2019 travel plans coming soon, my 2018 in review coming soon, and a bunch more! HIT THAT FOLLOW BUTTON!



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