Culture and Coffee in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is conveniently only 25 minutes away from Malmö, Sweden, where I was staying last weekend, and so on two separate days we hopped on the train and explored Denmark’s capital. And it is b e a u t. It recently became the number one place to live in the world, the first European country to gain that accolade and it’s easy to see why. I dreaaaam of living somewhere Scandi.

So we hopped off the train bright and early with a hunger for coffee and culture. Obviously coffee took precedent. We went to the first bakery we came across which turned out to be a chain but hey ho, it was a Danish chain and delishhh.

One of the perks of our visit was the incredibly Christmassy atmos. There were multipleee Christmas markets on including a Hans Christian Anderson market- how Danish indeed. HOWEVER.. My next travel post will be on the more festive day we had- this post is day one!

When you think of Copenhagen you think of Nyhavn, so on we trotted to take endlessss photos until we each had one perfect for posting on Instagram, the vain millenials that we are. Nyhavn is pretttttty close to the hippy community Christiana so that’s where we headed after.

Cameras and photos aren’t allowed in Christiana so these were the only allowed shots I could get, but the place is absolutely insane, like a film set. It’s a bigggg area full of art, bustle and businesses, some less than legal, but police aren’t allowed here as is reminded by many paintings on walls!

We stopped for a Christmas beer at a really cute outdoor permanent food market which had some smaller versions of the cities most renowned restaurants and cafes.

En route to the little mermaid statue we passed loads of interesting buildings and sculptures but I have no flipping clue what they were so why write about them?! The mermaid statue is all a bit meh but it has to be done cos that’s the dome thing.

We headed for dinner after this, and possibly a mulled wine but my memory is hazy. Regardless I loveeeed my first day in Copenhagen, I had an absolute blast. This was obviously a fleeting memoir- the day was action packed but here’s the highlights!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the Christmas in Copenhagen post soon!

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    1. I’ve not been to Vienna but I prefer Copenhagen to Prague largely due to the atmosphere. There’s probably an equal amount of unique architecture etc to see but Copenhagen just feels lovely, if that makes sense

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