Amsterdam’s Alright But…

To many English people The Netherlands is nothing more than a budget flight to Amsterdam for prostitutes and cannabis. Needless to say the city has faaaar more to offer than this, rich in culture and history with endless museums and galleries. BUT… after spending a year in this wonderful country, I decided Amsterdam just doesn’t feel very Dutch…

There are SO many tourists there the place is bustling and hectic, the antithesis to Dutch life. To really appreciate the Netherlands you need to be sipping a beer in an outdoor area, freezing cold but clinging on to any warmth from a patio heater you’re lucky enough to feel. You need to cycle, not aggressively through throngs of visitors who don’t know what a cycle lane is, but efficiently, as cycling is transport and not a ‘jolly.’

And so I point you to my second favourite city in the country.. (Nijmegen has my heart)… UTRECHT!!

It’s stunningly beautiful, small enough to be navigated on foot, has the Tivoli music venue which hosts some huge names, some good nightclubs, bars, restaurants, vintage shops… THE LIST GOES ON. And if you get there and the slower pace isn’t for you- it’s 20 minutes from Amsterdam by train! It’s also v v central and you can go to nearly anywhere in the country from there.

I went here loads on my year abroad, whether to see a band or grab a burger, I always loved it.


(I have so many more glorious photos of Utrecht but recently changed phones and now they’re gone WAHH)

Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following for more! (Copenhagen post coming soon!)


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