Meatballs and Marvel in Malmö

On Friday, after much waiting in dire need of a break, I headed off to Malmo, Sweden for 2 days (and 2 days in Copenhagen- coming soon- stay tuned!!) I’d previously been to Stockholm and l o v e d it, like seriously loved it, I want to move there. So I had high hopes for Malmö.

First things first, (after dropping our bags at the airbnb) we did a spot of sightseeing. The city doesn’t have loads of must see attractions but that was fineee as it was already getting dark and the general atmosphere is so nice we were happy to wander and soak it all up.

There was a free gallery which was super good. I thiiiiink it was this Maria Lindberg exhibition but I can’t be sure- should’ve read up on the place a little more! It was pretty big and all the pieces were curated to perfection. Quirky, cute and some sad, the whole place was very unique and a great experience.

Then we went for dinner at a burrito place (BarBurrito– not the chain we have in England) which was trip advisors number one cheap eat and bloody delicious with hugeee portions. The pint at the pub after however was close to 9 pounds and just a pint- Sweden isn’t quite perfect… the guy behind the bar thought it was ‘awesome’ we were English which was v cute.

No trip to Sweden is complete without meatballs and these, the other malmo day, were b e a u t i f u l. Usually you’d avoid a train station when after good food but Malmo’s has a big long food market to one side of it, full of really good eateries. We ate at Lilla Husmans which has solid trip advisor reviews so you know it must be okay! You could also help yourself to salad and cold vegetables, which made it really good value at 100 SKK!

The city is great. There’s art dotted all over, we had a couple of great coffees in lovely cafes and the atmosphere is that perfect Swedish coolness. No-one is in a rush but everyone has somewhere to go because they’re cool. I realise my overuse of the word cool is everything that is uncool but hey, I’m not Swedish. Anyway, that’s it for my fleeting Malmö visit. Copenhagen will be a lot richer content wise as we spent more time there, not flying on those days.. so stay tuned!! Thanks for reading!!!

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