My floating existence

You know that feeling where days intertwine and weeks fall away beneath your feet? This is my life right now. I’ve floated through the last month, reading books, going to work and sleeping.

My life is usually an endless countdown calendar, wherein there’s an event I’m looking forward to- it comes and goes- and I start counting down to the next one. But currently I’m just drifting. And this is even more peculiar considering there are events I’m looking forward to, attending and then focusing on the next, but unlike a movie there are no cuts between scenes. Everything is a continuous, floating existence right now. Birdman, if you will.

I’m not sure if I like it, but I definitely don’t mind it. I think maybe it’s adulthood. It’s a repetitive existence devoid of change with few minor excitements, and I’m not going to get het up about adulthood or happiness because I’m certainly happy. I love reading and sleeping and my job isn’t so bad either.

It’s just a new, semi-permanent state to me that warrants words. Semi permanence is surely not even a thing. Semi permanent is still temporary. So I’m sure so is my floating existence.



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