Is it hard to be male?

Oh, what a scary time to be a male.. right?


As a male who understands and appreciates consent, I have absolutely no fear in the #metoo movement, I regard myself as feminist and I’m pretty well read on gender theory etc.- it’s absolutely time for sexual harassment to be stamped out in all aspects.

This doesn’t mean it’s not hard to be male! And I say this without taking anything away from the struggles of being female; the two can exist side by side and at different poignancies. For example-

1. I will never experience pregnancy. This may sound peculiar, but is there anything more wonderful, regarding the human body, than the fact it can grow new life. It’s the closest thing we have to a miracle, and it happens for some lucky women.

2. Men around children are automatically considered predators. I’ve heard of men too scared to take their children to the park for fear of comments and looks whilst their child is off playing. It’s pretty sucky.

3. We don’t discuss feelings! I guess this is partly why I have a blog- I can vent when I need to, but for people without this semi-Creative outlet, or who need human interaction, it’s often impossible to bridge emotional topics as a man. The male suicide rate is incredibly high and it’s easy to see why.

Please comment and weigh in on the subject- I’d love to hear your opinions. Make sure you’re following for more!

9 thoughts on “Is it hard to be male?

  1. Interesting read. I would never consider myself a feminist, despite my beliefs in equality and a fairer world where women deserve the same benefits of a male doing the same job with the same experience and or qualifications.


      1. Probably because I do often find myself shouting at Women’s hour on radio 4 on occasion, and how sexist it can be perceived. But that’s because I am a male, and have never encountered sexism as the opposite sex (if that makes sense). I come from a northern town where sexism, and chauvinism is a daily occurrence. I can be seen as chauvinistic with SOME opinions – but I am not. I don’t believe a female should do a job or a chore based on her gender, nor do I believe a woman should do something because a man has told her to do so. And vice versa. I also don’t like how society tells you that you HAVE to be married, have children and own a house. I often get told I need all three. Interesting! PS, great to link up with fellow people. My blogs are pretty boring and full of crap random ramblings. I have just started to do more of them, however, I enjoy having a place to vent / rant. I am reading though some of yours with keen interest.

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      2. It’s definitely a tricky one. I do hear comments that you couldn’t pass as okay if gender was reversed but I think sexism comes from a position of power which society has never given women wholly, so can a few comments without any tangible affect on a males life really be passable as truly sexist? I don’t know, it’s tough. Thanks for reading, always like a discussion on these kind of things! I’ll be sure to check your blog out!


  2. Great points Jarrad, and in my country there is a mental health crisis especially in young males because they don’t discuss things like depression. Any male who gets consent has nothing to fear from the #metoo movement. Good on you.

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