What I’ve Been Reading

Another What I’ve Been Reading, wooo! I’ve really enjoyed reading since finishing a degree in Literature- I’ve rekindled the kindle love (I actually read paperbacks but shh.)

SO, without further ado..

Perfidious Albion- Sam Byers


They say never judge a book by its cover but that’s exactly what I did with this one. It’s v new out and caught my eye in Waterstones and I couldn’t resist. This is a book set in a Post-Brexit Britain, where the lives of an town in turmoil suffer further turbulence when an anonymous group threaten to leak the secret details (browsing history, nude photos etc) of the residents, including politicians and bloggers. It’s all very political and satirical and v v interesting and well written. When writing a book set in a post Brexit Britain I imagine it would be all too easy to make that the plot. What Byers does so well is simply use this near future as a setting.

Hot Milk- Deborah Levy


THIS BOOK IS BEAUT. I don’t know if the fact I read it on a sunny holiday added to the Spanish setting, but the detailing is rich and warm and I couldn’t put it down. The premise is pretty simple- A woman moves to Spain with her ill mother whilst she seeks treatment, and in the meantime comes to terms with her own delicately vibrant sexuality. It’s a coming of age novel in all the right ways and is so well written. My fav recent read for sure.

Nutshell- Ian McEwan


This book is an absolute delight from McEwan, whom I absolutely adore. It’s a modern retelling of Hamlet, from the perspective of an unborn baby, so the perspective is incredibly unique and intelligently done. You can’t really avoid spoilers when it comes to Shakespeare, but if somehow you aren’t aware, in Nutshell a pregnant woman is having an affair with the father of the babies brother, and together they plan to murder the father. It’s a short read, definitely not more than 300 pages, so for a quick flip through and for something v  v different its well worth a read!

I’ve also read A Handmaids Tale, but I’m so late to that party why even bother writing about it! That’s all for now- I’m sure I’ll have another post similar soon!

Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following for more good stuff soon! (I’ve left proper reviews if you need more persuading below!)

Perfidious Albion Review

Hot Milk Review

Nutshell Review

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