Bratislava in 2 Days!

After my first six weeks of full time employment I was g a g g i n g for a getaway, so sent a text out asking if anyone else was game. I got a response saying ‘quite fancy Bratislava’ and the rest was history.

We flew in early, had two nights there and then out again at night, so it really was a flying visit, but we absolutely crammed everything in. And what a lovely place it is!


So we stayed in an Airbnb just over the bridge to the city centre, which as you can see in the photo above, is all very close together. When we arrived we were hungry and thirsty and so obviously there was only one thing to try- Slovak food!


We both had the ghoulash, which went through George (my travel companion) so fast he was on the toilet before I’d even finished mine. I’ll be honest, this meal was actually pretty trash. TripAdvisor your restaurants guys, otherwise you’ll be paying for poo- literally. Regardless, it was in really nice surroundings and the city is beautiful!

We absolutely smashed out all the touristy sights, of which there are plenty and looking back now I don’t have anywhere near enough photos to do it justice.


The castle is v v impressive. It sits at the top of a hill with great views over the city, and basically you can’t not go if you’re in Bratislava.


The Blue Church is also super impressive. It’s HARD to get photos of though- (weep for my insta). When you see it in the flesh (brick), it looks good enough to eat- like fondant icing.


There’s also a war memorial at the top of the city, which I’d defooo recommend getting some sort of public transport too. We thought we’d walk it and b l o o o o d y hell was it far. And hot. And hard work. Plus we were walking through residential areas so it wasn’t even a pleasant walk. But again, the views over the city are spectacular and the memorial is poignant and impressive. And, at the bottom of the walk to it is Bratislava’s very own upside pyramid. Pretty cool.

One thing that really impressed me about the city is its more fashionable side. We spent a long long time in a cafe called Urban House which was beautttt. I’m talking Avo toast, incredible coffee and a hipster decor to die for. Then there was a bar called Bukowskis. This place was a little patch of heaven. It has an area which is in the middle of the bar which actually has no ceiling so is basically outdoors, whilst the rest of the bar is all cosy and walled in, but what’s even more special is the range of shots they do named after famous writers. I was particularly fond of the Jane Austen- Gin, Cucumber juice and elderflower- DELISH.

I had a fab few days and the best thing is, it was the perfect length. You can really soak up Bratislava in two days and for that, it makes it the perfect quick getaway. (Also v v reasonably priced.) Here’s a photo of me relaxing in the airbnb to round the post out.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts very soon! Make sure you’re following!!

11 thoughts on “Bratislava in 2 Days!

  1. ‘There’s also a war memorial at the top of the city, which I’d defooo recommend getting some sort of public transport too. ‘

    No go at night and just walk. Then the 8645 soldiers underneath are with you.


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