On wanting to write

So four weeks ago I finished a six week contract as a procurement assistant. And in tomorrow I start a new job as a business development assistant. This is great; I’m excited to get stuck in and learn some new stuff and earn some money and it’s my first permanent full time job. But it’s also r e a l l y inspired me.

I’m an English Literature graduate- I love books and I love writing. And I’m also of the mindset that life is what you make of it- not how much you make during it. (£££) So these last few days before starting work I’ve started getting stuck in to the whole writing thang, more than ever.

As you can tell I’ve taken this blog to a new domain and I’m eager to push on and take it to new heights- exciting.

I’ve been teaching myself how to format and write in HTML and I’m keen to take a course on this to prove I can actually do it.

I’ve just finished up the 120 hour TEFL course so I’m soon to be qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Woo woo.

I’ve started advertising my services for proof reading and editing which I’ll do alongside my job if I get any takers- (jarradsaul@gmail.com hit me up I’ll do anything for cheap)

And most importantly I am writing like my fingers have ADHD. They’re always dancing across my laptop keyboard. I’m 15,000 words into a novel which is small fry but hopefully by writing this fact down it’ll act as a milestone I can look back on.

This is a total nothing post which is essentially just for myself. By writing down where I’m at in life right now I can zoom out and look around me. I want to see where I’m headed, which is obviously impossible, but I’m sure I’m on the right path for now. Watch this space aye!

Thanks for reading, if you bothered.. make sure you’re following me for moreeee soon!

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