Is Anybody Out There?

Well.. It’s been a hot minute since I last posted. I bet you thought I’d left you! WRONG. I’m back. Back with aplomb. What an exciting time to be alive. And look up there ^^^. That’s right! We have our own domain now! No more Straight up DOT COM.

Sooooo obviously I haven’t posted in a while- why?? I’ve been to Bilbao, Bratislava and Fuerteventura and had a six week temporary job and been job hunting since, and in between all that I’ve not found the time nor energy to blog. But last night in a dream Jesus came to me and said ‘Jarrad- your blog needs you’  I woke up with a cold sweat, turned on my laptop, punched my card details in to buy this nifty web address and then here I am. (In reality I just missed blogging.)

I’m going to be posting a shiiii tonne about the trips I’ve been on. (back to the travel blog roots) and I’ve got a cute countryside weekend away happening soon, and then a weekend in Sweden/Denmark so PLENTY OF CONTENT. Loads of fashion and lifestyle stuff coming your way too.

If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking around! And thanks so much to everyone who has read Failing Your Study Abroad Year (Erasmus) because it’s my first post to hit 1000 views and whilst I’ve not been posting my view count has been going up every single day.

Make sure you’re following. I’m genuinely excited for all the new stuff coming your way and the direction this blogs going. It’s gonna be great.


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