Street Art and Aperol Spritz’ in Milan

Day two of Milan came, (check out my post on day one if you haven’t yet!), and having spent all of the previous day sightseeing it was time to go off piste a little and see a different side of the city. Our apartment was walkable from the district of Isola, which we’d read was famed for it’s street art, so off we went, and after stopping for breakfast stumbled upon a tower block which I’d seen on instagram a lot. It’s so photogenic because it’s covered in plants- honestly a real sight to behold; I’d never seen anything like it.


Then we walked on to Garibaldi station, which is where the art supposedly started. Since going we found out there are maps to download on google, which we definitely should’ve done, because lots of the pieces I’d seen on insta we couldn’t find for real. However, we still found a fair few pieces…!


Apparently the area used to be pretty poor but has developed over the years and the local government commissioned local artists to cheer the place up, so the art isn’t world famous but still pretty cool!

The district of Isola had a super nice little road down the middle full of cafes and restaurants, where we stopped for lunch.


I still plan to write an entire post on the food I ate in Milan, but I’ll include this lunch here. We had our first ever panzerotti, which are kind of like little mini calzones except the dough is sweeter. They don’t look much but they’re delicious! Afterwards we chilled with an Aperol Spritz because what else is one to do on a cute road in Milan?!


That was pretty much it for the day.. I was going to write about the evening in this post too, but after seeing how many photos I’ve just dumped here I think this is long enough! SO, look out for that post soon (we went to some bars down the canal)(CUTE). Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following me for more!


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