A Lazy Afternoon By The Lake…

The weather has been b e a u t lately, across most of Europe- judging by the weather app on my phone. But, in the UK it’s so rare to have so much sun so soon, it feels criminal to not take full advantage of it! So yesterday, after watching the England football match (2-1 to us against Nigeria woowoo), we headed to Stanborough Park- the place that puts the garden into Welwyn Garden City (The town it’s in… And this isn’t factually correct!).

After a quick trip to Asda for some classic picnic bits and premixed Pimms, we parked up at the park and tried to find the perfect spot to lay our blanket. After some walking we settled on a field full of rabbits, babies and all, which were soOoOo cute, but not tame enough to let us anywhere near.

I’m a touch out of blogging practice so forgot to take a cute little food flatlay or something, but I got plenty of scenery shots so this is where we were sitting ~~~


The park is basically two giant lakes, one either side of the motorway, and it’s amazing how peaceful you can get so close to the bustle of the busy road. There’s also a place to hire pedalos and rowing boats, a giant obstacle course type thing, a water sports centre, and a little stream you can paddle in- none of which we did so I’ll definitely be going back!

Anyway, the sun started lowering and out came our phones to take some more photos, which is how we occupied ourselves for the next hour or so…


There’s a heap of wildlife at the park and as you might expect, most like the water..


It’s that time of the year when all the baby animals are out and about, SO FLUFFY. SUPER cute. Anyway- not much else to say about this, I think the pictures speak the outing a thousand times better than I can!

Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following me for more- I’m in Milan on Tuesday so LOADS of good stuff coming your way!

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