Next Up… Milan!

University is coming to an end. FAST. This time next week I’ll be free as a bird, if that bird had an impending life of work ahead of it. Anyway, I’m 22 and haven’t yet experienced life outside of education. That reality is approaching, so one last celebration is needed. And that celebration has turned out to be a trip to Milan.

We managed to get flights for seven pounds. Yep. 7!! Using a student website and a discount code, what should’ve been 30 pounds return is now an absolute bargain. We’ve also booked an AirBnB with a nice little balcony and whatnot, so it’s looking pretty perfect!

But! Obviously I haven’t gone yet, and I’m sure loads of you have been! So if you have any recommendations of what to do, pleaseeeee do let me know! We’re planning on visiting Bar Luce at the fondiazone Prada (didn’t google to see if I got that right..), visiting the canal-ly bit (navigli?) and obviously the cathedral. But what else? We have four days there, which is plenty to cram a whole load in, a whole load of great food hopefully..

So, yeah! That’s exciting. Please do comment some recommendations! Thanks for reading, and see you soon with another post!

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