OMG, a fashion post?!

This blog has always been a mismatch of travel, lifestyle, fashion, my thoughts.. everything really. But something’s been lacking for a while now, something I’ve been promising since before Christmas and I’ve missed the boat on a whole season of.. fashion!

So, if you’ve followed this blog or my insta (@jvrrvdsvul) for any time now, you’ll know my style is v v v trainer heavy. Up until recently I owned exclusively trainers, and my collection is constantly growing. BUT. At the ripe old age of 22, I felt like it was time to add a little something to my repertoire, a little je ne sais quoi. Sophistication, that’s what. A boot was the perfect plan. So, in my car I hopped and down to the shops I did go, where I stumbled across the Doc Martens shop, pretty perfect for boots and picked myself up these- the 101 smooths.


They’re pretty low profile as far as boots go, a classic shape, without the standard yellow stitching of the Doc Martens originals, though they are from the originals range so don’t change seasonally. I wear a lot of denim, I’ve got multiple denim jackets and these go perfectly with that kind of look. They’re not too expensive at £125, considering the originals are £130+ and far more likely to fall in and out of trend.

I’ve only worn them a handful of times since purchasing, but I’ve not suffered the dreaded wearing in pain that comes with the brand, so I consider myself lucky on that front. I don’t see myself ditching trainers and becoming a boot guy, but it’s important to be able to switch up the look every now and then.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading as per usual! Make sure you’re following my socials and more importantly this blog for all the latest updates!

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