My Latest Venture!

So a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to make money, and my contract at Sainsbury’s recently ended so whilst I’m looking for a new job I’ve decided to start sourcing great items of clothes and selling them on!

I know you may be thinking why would I buy clothes from someone who’s just bought them himself, but there’s a great reason! It’s incredibly time consuming and often fruitless going through charity shops and online auctions trying to find something actually good! So I’m doing that part, and building a really great collection on Depop where I’ve opened my own little store page.

I’m not a greedy guy so I’m not marking up these items by a lot, and I’m washing and looking after each item before posting online, so it’s from a place of love. I’m into fashion a lot more than my wallet can afford, but this is a little way I can stay part of what’s going on. Anyway without further ado, check out my depop store!! Just search @jvrrvdsvul, which is also my Instagram handle and have a browse. There’s currently only two items on there but there both great and affordable!

Thanks for reading and make sure you’re following to catch my latest posts!

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