Today I ‘Adulted’…

I’m 21 but nowhere near an adult. I’m currently in university two days a week, and only one of those is an early start so pretty stereotypically I spend a lot of time in bed. On Fridays I have to be in for 9am and my alarm is set for 8.38.. I roll out of bed, put a hat and hoodie on, brush my teeth and walk straight to class. It’s all very slovenly student and not very adult. But today.. today I adulted.

You may remember me writing a post a few months ago, moaning about being unemployable. Well, I’ve got a Christmas job at Sainsbury’s (a supermarket) and today was my induction. Call me Dolly Parton because I did a 9-5! I set my alarm for 7.30! Showered and got ready! De-iced my car! (Eughhhh winter)

I spent my lunch break at Starbucks with some guys discussing Brexit and honestly I haven’t felt so adult in a long time.

Thankfully my shifts no longer involve 9am starts so I can go back to my student ways, but for today I had a taste of what’s to come. So yeah, very short little life update post I guess, addressing my job! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow!

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