A Christmassy, Churchy Evening!

Last night I went to the annual Never Fade Records Christmas show, which is a little gig/ party type affair, and it was flipping brilliant. It was in Islington’s Union Chapel, a suuuper nice church which still runs services and isn’t just a music venue. It was appropriately kitted out with Christmas trees and lights, and before anything had even started I couldn’t help but feel festive. The church pews did get a little uncomfy though..


Before the evening kicked off Gabrielle Aplin (the headline act), came out and performed a song with Hannah Grace who was also on the bill. (Her cover of ‘Praise You’ is all over the tv on an advert currently).  It was a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ so immediately Christmassy! Then straight into the first act- Haly, followed by Sonny and then Callum Beattie. They were all really good, helped by the enviroment, but Callum Beattie stood out as the best!

Then it was time for the main event. Gabrielle Aplin, Hudson Taylor and Hannah Grace all crowded the stage, with a few more band members, and kicked off with ‘Praise You.’
The set then included 2 songs from Hannah, 3 or 4 from Hudson Taylor, maybe 6 from Gabrielle Aplin (Including her John Lewis cover of ‘Power of Love’). It was all really really good and I had such a great time- there was just something special in the air.


What made it so good though, was the sprinkling of Christmas songs. Especially the grand finale, a cover of ‘Fairytale of New York’. Having gone alone I was a little reluctant to stand up and dance during Gabrielle’s upbeat songs, but I couldn’t help myself during the finale, which says a lot!

All in all it was a lovely, festive night, worth suffering the train up there with Liam Gallagher and Arsenal football goers. And worth queuing half an hour in the freezing cold on my own for! I can’t really say how good it was without getting gushy and hyperbolic but I won’t forget it for a while!

Thanks for reading as always! Please follow me, I’m so close to 500!!


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