A Festive Look Round My House

I never wrote a flat tour kind of post when I moved into this place in September, but the other day I took a few photos of the living room looking Christmassy with the intention of sharing them in this post! It’s looking prettyyyy festive.


This is the little TV section, pretty tacky with the tinsel but tacky is okay at Christmas. IMG_0403IMG_0405

These are tea light holders, but the lights inside didn’t show up very well in the photo. They’re v cute though, I’m a fan. Even better, they’re from poundland so ~vVvVv~ cheap. Also not too tacky!


Our house/flat (whatevs) has a lot of wall space with nothing on it, so these banners are perf for Christmassing up the boring, blank spaces. More tacky tinsel on the banisters too, and obvsss we have advent calendars. -Mines the kinder one~~~


These are probably my favourite Christmas bits though- mugs and shot glasses. It is festive as ~f***~ drinking Twinings Cookies and Cream tea from that mug, or mulled wine heated up on the hob. Only £3.50 from Asda too! The shotglasses are from Tiger, and were something like £1.50? Also spot the festive table runner, again from poundland and the little mini tree thing. Ca-ute.

So yeah, that’s about as festive as the house is right now. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to followwwww!

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