A Christmas Favourites Tag!

I’ve never done a tag, nor am I sure if I’ve read one? So bare with me in this post.. I’m just gonna talk a load of Christmas stuff and hope that suffices. If it’s completely wrong then woops. (enjoy this mess!)

  1. Fav Christmas film- Until like two years ago I’d have said Nativity but I watched it one too many times and now I’m over it. Maybe the Grinch, it’s a bit of a classic. Oo, or the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. the-grinch-netflix
  2. Fav Christmas song– The Power of Love- Frankie Goes to Hollywood- I didn’t even know this was a Christmas song until someone convinced me it was. My Mum gave me the single on vinyl, which she bought when it came out back in ’84. I love it. Power_of_love_single
  3. Fav Christmas dinner component- Pigs in blankets obvs. Sausage wrapped in bacon is genius. Literally pig in pig goodness.
  4. Fav Christmas tradition- Within my house anyway, my Dad’s bought me a bottle of a spirit for the past few years and it’s become a tradition I can definitely get behind. I’ve asked for a fancy gin this year.
  5. Fav Chocolate selection- Quality Street- bare with me here.. Celebrations and Heroes are just mini chocolate bars you can have any time in the year, but quality street are unique to Christmas so I’m going to say they’re the best.
  6. Fav Christmas beverage- Mulled wine. It’s delicious, and definitely better when you’re out and about sipping it to keep warm.
  7. Fav Christmas present– When I was young I got a table football, (foosball, bar football?). It was a proper full size one and I loved it so much. I wonder what happened to it.

Nah I’m done with tags. As I was writing this I found myself not even caring, so why on earth should you! I’m going to post it anyway, because blogmas and all that, but yeah don’t expect another one any time soon unless it’s slightly more interesting. My sincerest apologies for the most lightweight thing I’ve ever written! Thanks for sticking with me!


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