Behind The Scenes Of My Blog!

I’m a whopping 160 posts into this blog now, and with the exception of a few small series (A Tasty Tour Of Europe+My Style Evolution)they’re all unique posts. I thought I’d give you a run through in this post of what goes into each one!

The Idea…

I have most of my ideas late at night, usually in bed, but obviously I’m not going to whip my laptop out and write there and then. Instead I jot down the basics in the notes section of my phone.


So as you can see in the photo, the top note is a post potentially coming soon, inspired by the book ‘This modern love’. I don’t know if I’ll actually post it because it’s more like a small piece of poetry rather than an actual blog post, and I’m not sure I’m proud of it. AnyhoOoOo, second down the list is yesterdays post, and then at the bottom is a poem I posted a good month back. I do clear my notes every now and then, or edit old ones, hence why it may look a bit sparse.

The Writing…

Nine times out of ten I’ll write the post in one sitting, and won’t proof read it because I’m flipping lazy. I’ll re read it a couple of days later, once it’s posted and too late to really change. Oh well! I usually write the same day I post, but often write in the morning and schedule for later!

The Photos…

I have a Canon something? It has a D in it? I don’t take it out with me as much as I should though, so the majority of my photos on here are from my iphone 6. Once I become self hosted (something I’ve been promising myself to do for AGES) I’ll take the photography more seriously. I edit on the free software GIMP, which is basically photoshop with an uglier, more confusing interface. I can’t afford photoshop, but editing is essential! I also really enjoy it.


So yeah! That’s it from idea to finished post. Really not much to it, and I don’t have a schedule of what to post when. I write whatever I feel like and post it whenever I feel like posting! But I do enjoy blogging, hence my regular posts. I hope you enjoy my blog too!

Thanks for reading!!

7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of My Blog!

  1. This post is very relatable to how I do things apart from writing it and scheduling it, I normally just write it and publish it there and then in the evening. Also I’m so with you on having a fancy camera and not taking it anywhere with me (something I need to improve on) I’ve just signed myself up for Bloglovin and Pinterest and I have no idea what I’m doing 😂 x x

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  2. Interesting to see that you jot ideas down, write it in one go and then check it later. I think that’s cool as leaving a piece for a day or two and revisiting it means you are likely to pick up more errors than before. 🙂 As for pre-writing, I am struggling with Blogmas and wondering if I should try that, it seems helpful.


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