Seasons Greetings in St Albans!

Christmas is fast approaching, today I can open my advent calendar- woo! (Reminder to self- why haven’t I already??)  So, yesterday I ventured to the cute little town of St Albans to visit the Christmas market.

First things first though, brunch was the top of the agenda. One of the highest rated places for food is the Waffle House which serves both sweet and savouring toppings on plain or wholemeal waffles. I opted for pecan and butterscotch sauce and a large Americano which was delicious, if a little too indulgent!


Then it was on to the Christmas Market, which is on the cathedral grounds so v cute, if not massive. It has all the basics like mulled wine stalls and little festive gift places. Obviously I had a mulled wine, whilst sitting in a little tent listening to an accordion player- v v cute.


After this we had a festive photo shoot inside an inflatable snow globe. Last year I was in Maastricht, Netherlands, for the Christmas market. I had a photo shoot there which was a great memory, and this didn’t quite live up to that, but fun nonetheless! (The photos in this one were trash!!)


(throwback pic to Maastricht)

There’s not much more to say about the day! It’s a good Christmas market but not one worth travelling distance to. If you’re in the area definitely check it out for a wine and a waffle! Thanks for reading and feel free to follow as per usual!

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