The Soundtrack Of My Year Abroad

I'm getting slight deja vu sitting down to write this, so I really hope I haven't written this post before and forgotten about it in my old age? (21...) I think I've just contemplated it previously.. here's hoping! I flipping love how music can take you back, and I'm sure in a year or so … Continue reading The Soundtrack Of My Year Abroad


Disappearing Into The Background

It's been a while since I dabbled in a little photography, and I was feeling kind of inspired today, so I made this.... Originally I wanted to get rid of the entire face but it made the piece look far too gloomy and empty. So I kept the eyes and mouth, which makes it look … Continue reading Disappearing Into The Background

The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

Before I get started- this is not a review. For one, the films not brand spanking new, and more importantly I'm not going to sit and point out flaws and weigh them against the positives. More likely, I'm just going to wax lyrical for 300 words or so about how beautiful A Monster Calls Is. … Continue reading The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

If We Were Having Coffee… (Again)

I really loved writing a post around this theme before, it's quite cathartic and relaxing. I've also just made myself a coffee, so it seems like the perfect time to sit down and write a follow up to a post I first wrote a good few months ago, when my life was in a different place... If … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee… (Again)

The ASOS ‘Hack’ Everyone’s Talking About..

Trainers are cheaper in America, it's a fact. They even have a cheaper word for the things- sneakers (ew). Recently all over facebook and wherever else, I've seen that if you switch your ASOS location to the US and the currency to pounds, all those expensive branded goods become way cheaper. I was intrigued... I've … Continue reading The ASOS ‘Hack’ Everyone’s Talking About..

Something Like Happiness

For my final year of uni I'm writing a short novel, which has got me thinking a lot about feelings and emotions- obviously as I need to get into the heads of my characters. (My story will be an abstract romance focusing on the idea of upgrading) And one thing which has really hit me … Continue reading Something Like Happiness