A Hit Of Inspiration!

They say inspiration can come in the unlikeliest of places, and that certainly rang true today! I woke up, as you do, checked my phone, as you do, and came across the Bilbao BBK Live lineup. It’s a music festival in the Basque District of Spain, one that I went to in 2016 and had a brilliant time. Anyway, the festival itself is irrelevant- the fact that festivals are announcing their lineups are what made the difference!

Universally, festivals mean summer. Summer means no university. So when I saw this lineup (which was actually really good) all I could think is how soon summer is. Like, it’s no longer a dream but a distant reality. I c a n ‘ t wait.

Suddenly I feel so inspired! To grab these final few months of uni by the horns, and ride the shit *sorry* out of it! There’s an end in sight- and I need to knuckle down! This hit of motivation meant I read a book in one sitting today. As a literature student who is an avid avoider of reading (an oxymoron in itself) this was quite the accomplishment. I read D’Amour’s Detroit and it was actually flipping good!

I’m full of life!

I even wrote another 500 words of my creative writing project, and I’m almost proud of it! I’m going to attach a litttttle bit of my intro right now-

I think we aren’t scared of dying because we know the main character always lives. And when we eventually do get our heads around our inevitable mortality, we become adults. I’m nearly there. My girlfriend dumped me four months ago and for three months and three weeks I waited for the plot twist, where she comes running back to me, because she’s realised I’m the love of her life and we were meant to be. She didn’t, obviously. So, on the road to adulthood, I’ve completed stage four. Heartbreak. One stage after losing my virginity, and one before learning to enjoy the taste of coffee. I’ll get there eventually. I’m on the search for a new girlfriend now, to make Lottie (my ex) jealous. I used to tell her I liked her a-Lottie and she’d laugh, and now I bet someone else tells her that and she doesn’t even think of me.

That’s my opening paragraph. Obviously it’s going to go through a lot of drafts and stuff, but seeing as this post is quite diary-esque I thought I’d include all aspects of my day! 

Anyway, thanks for reading! Press that follow button to keep up to date with what’s going on! 

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