The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

Before I get started- this is not a review. For one, the films not brand spanking new, and more importantly I’m not going to sit and point out flaws and weigh them against the positives. More likely, I’m just going to wax lyrical for 300 words or so about how beautiful A Monster Calls Is.

Until recently my top three films have remained pretty constant. Submarine, Her and Where the Wild Things Are. I’ve watched all of them flipping millions of times and I’ve always loved them. BUT. After just one watch, A Monster Calls is a serious contender for a coveted place.

It came out last year, and to put it simply, it’s about a 12 year old boy who’s Mum is suffering from cancer. Naturally it takes over his thoughts to the extent that he’s bullied at school and generally miserable. His mental state kind of manifests in a dream/ reality(?) of a talking tree that tells him 3 stories, and demands the 4th story be told by the boy, and be the truth. I’m not explaining it well, I realise, but it’s a film about grief, letting go, love and everything in between.

And it is beautiful. Like seriously beautiful. Not just in terms of story, which is heart aching and emotional, but visually. Epic scenes of the giant tree monster coming to life and destroying churches are breathtaking.

I don’t cry. But I may have shed a tear *or two, three or four* at the end of this film. It’s amazing how a film which has Liam Neeson voicing a giant talking tree can feel too real. I dunno.

I’m not going to keep writing about films but this genuinely had an impact on me. It was a breath of fresh air among so much Hollywood garbage. Don’t let the trailer put you off, it’s so much more than the trailer. You simply must watch it!

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a monster

5 thoughts on “The Most Emotional Movie Experience Ever!

  1. It sounds like a beautiful movie. I was 22 when my Mom finally died of cancer and in many ways I was still a child who loved and needed her mother. ( She suffered from cancer for all of my teen years).


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