The ASOS ‘Hack’ Everyone’s Talking About..

Trainers are cheaper in America, it’s a fact. They even have a cheaper word for the things- sneakers (ew). Recently all over facebook and wherever else, I’ve seen that if you switch your ASOS location to the US and the currency to pounds, all those expensive branded goods become way cheaper.

I was intrigued…

I’ve been after a pair of chequerboard vans slip ons for a while- a shoe that would set me back around £55. Pretty average Vans price, but I’m not rolling in cash right now so not a price I could justify. BUT! With this ASOS hack the trainers popped up at something like 35 pounds! Already a flipping massive discount! R e s u l t.

And the story just gets better- my Unidays discount still worked, and I ordered them on a double discount day! 20% off! I got my trainers for 27 pounds! Twenty seven! So yes this definitely does work! I’d imagine they’ll patch it soon enough so maybe get in there quick!

One problem I did face though, was converting US shoe sizes to UK, and my Vans came in a size too big at 10, when I’m a 9… bummer. Now I’ve just got to wait for my feet to grow before I can take advantage of my deal of the decade..

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