I’m changing and that’s okay?

I've spent a lot of money on clothes this summer. For the first time in a long time my wants have been far more material than experiential. But I can't work out why?

Am I trying to reinvent myself? It's normal when people go through breakups to get a new haircut, a new wardrobe etc.. but what's my excuse?

Maybe this is my progression into adulthood.. Maybe I wasn't happy with my former self.. Maybe my incessant listening to Bon Iver is making me overthink my emotions! Maybe I'm just changing… and that's okay?

6 thoughts on “I’m changing and that’s okay?

  1. The wise Patty Smith once said she was in a constant state of adjustment.
    I like to think at myself like that too.It is not always easy but that is what life is for:making experience and change.if we are lucky enough we let ourself never to be the same of yesterday and never the same of today tomorrow.
    Keep experiencing and keep changing…..it is always good.


  2. The wise Patty Smith once said she was in a constant state of adjustment.I like to think at myself like that too otherwise what the purpose of all the experience we do if we are always the same?if we are lucky we today we are not what we were yesterday and tomorrow we will not what we were today.
    Changes can be small or big ,noticed or unnoticed but they are always good.
    Make the most out of your life experience and keep changing my friend.

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  3. The wise Patty Smith used to sing she was in a constant state of adjustment.I think at myself like that too so by personal experience I tell you are changing and it ok.
    Life is changing everyday weather we realise it or not.what we were yesterday is not what we are today and is not what we will be tomorrow,otherwise what would the purpose of making experience would be?you are clever and so lucky to do a lot of experience : get the most out of them and let yourself change.X


  4. Just been through a solar eclipse and a powerful harvest moon. The need for change is going to be in us all and will be powerful this year. You’re just expressing yourself outwardly that’s all, when we change our appearance it’s usually to exhibit the inner changes and you’ll find you do this more and more as you become comfortable with who you are ☺️

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