Smoothies in Southend!

Today I met up with my friend/ housemate from uni, which involved a trip to Southend-on-sea, the finest coastal town in all of Essex… (not quite). Southend isn't the nicest of places, but recently a few really nice cafes have opened up, and today we sampled the delights of two of these!

First stop was Pulp Kitchen, a smoothie and healthy eating bar. I opted for the 'smooth along' smoothie which has strawberries, green grapes, fresh mint and apple juice in it. It was very refreshing, very tasty, and you get a pretty massive portion!

Location wise, it's off the main drag of the high street, down a little side street, which makes it a nice and chilled place to sit outside!

After this we mooched around for a bit, long enough to build up a thirst yet again. So this time we headed to the Molo Lounge, a new cafe/bar in prime position down the high street.

It's decorated really nicely, with a mismatch of different tables and chairs, random paintings on the wall and fashionable hanging lights.

I was fruit-ed out by this point, so I had an americano which was again v tasty, but a little on the small side for what was supposedly a large. We didn't eat in here but I saw some of the food being served and it looked good- I'll definitely try it out at some point, maybe on their tapas Tuesdays!

Hayley had a pink lemonade which was apparently very sweet, so perhaps the decor of this place outweighs the drinks, but after just two, and an extensive menu, I don't feel fit to judge too much. I'd definitely go back anyway!

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